22 November, 2014

Mirsada collection

As salam my beloved bloggers,

Malam ni nak introduce my fb page iaitu Mirsada collection.Buat masa ni I'm selling shawl like end curve shawl, printed shawl and crumple shawl..baru je buat page ni, so I need your support everybody..

Jemput untuk like my page hokess.

Mirsada Collection

If any inquire or to purchase just whatsapp or msg me 0134140051..don't worry service tip top and you guys will be satisfied.This is limited..1 design only 1 pcs/item ready stock.So hurry up dear..


Ely mirsada...


  1. Woowww...tergodaaaa..
    Tapi, nak kene simpan duit pi jalan2 ni.

  2. Wide shawl ke ni? Hehe. Nt sy singfah tgk.


tq for your comment...muachh ckit..hee